Zip Code For Nigeria

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Is 23401 the Zip Code for Nigeria ZIP Code?

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Have you ever been in dilemma of what Nigeria’s ZIP Code is? Then you have come to the right place to get the best information about the ZIP code.

Nigeria happens to be the largest black nation in the world, it has over 200 million people living in it, and it is situated around the western part of Africa.

In Nigeria and some other countries, they mainly use postal codes, but in the United States what they use is ZIP code, and the word the ZIP means “Zone Improvement Plan”. And by this United States doesn’t recognize the postal codes of other countries not using ZIP codes.

The use of both the ZIP codes and postal codes is for mailing purposes, in which things would be transported from places to places and also countries to other countries.

In this scenario, because the United States doesn’t recognize postal codes, their postal service in United States which is “United States Postal Service (USPS) now has codes for international counties that do not use ZIP codes, so whenever they want to deliver goods from United States, the USPS has ZIP codes that are equivalent to other countries that are using postal codes.

Meanwhile the ZIP codes being used for Nigeria are 23401 and 110001, and in rare cases if the two codes given are not accepted you can also try 00176.

Note: 234 is not our zip code for Nigeria, it is Nigeria’s International Phone Dialing code.

Nigeria’s Zip Codes are 23401, 110001 and 00176.


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