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Muhydeen Kayode Okunlola holds the role of Principal Partner at Luxiar Construction Limited, a company headquartered in Abuja but with a significant presence nationwide. Boasting more than ten years of valuable experience.

Muhydeen Kayode Okunlola has not only positioned himself as a proficient and well-versed expert in the construction sector but is also the visionary founder of the MOK Foundation.

Here is The Full Profile of Muhydeen Kayode Okunlola

Full Name – Muhydeen Kayode Okunlola
Gender – Male
Date of Birth – 15-11-1986
Age – 37
Place of Birth – Offa
State of Origin – Kwara
Nationality – Nigerian
Marital Status – Married with lovely Children
Spouse – Alhaja Rahmat Abimbola Okunlola
Ethnicity – Black
Profession – Entreprenuer


Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode Biography

Muhydeen Okunlola kayode was born on the 15th of November, 1986 in Offa, Kwara State into the family of Alhaji and Alhaja Okunlola.

He hails from Offa, Kwara State, which is the North Central part of the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria. He is of the black origin.

As a little boy while he was growing up, he first attended the oldest private primary school in Kwara State, which is Adeola Model School, Offa, (AMS).

After that, he proceeded to one of the greatest secondary school in Offa which is Offa Grammar School, (OGS). After his secondary school education, he got admission to Federal Polytechnic Offa to study Quantity Surveying, and after his OND programme, he went ahead for his HND at Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa to conclude his tertiary education.

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Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode Career

When Muhydeen Kayode Okunlola initially gained admission to study Architecture at a tertiary institution, he sought advice from his uncle, who happened to be an architect himself.
Muhydeen informed his uncle about his admission into the university’s architecture program, but his uncle recommended that he consider pursuing Quantity Surveying instead.

His uncle’s rationale was rooted in the higher demand for quantity surveyors in construction firms compared to architects at that time.

The role of a quantity surveyor involves acting as construction economists, estimating the cost of a building project, and preparing clients for the expected expenses before commencing construction.

Quantity surveyors play a crucial role in informing clients about the anticipated duration and overall cost of construction, regardless of the materials being used at that point in time.

Taking his uncle’s advice to heart, Muhydeen made the switch to Quantity Surveying. Fortunately, the transition was smooth because both fields share related elements.

From an early age, Muhydeen had a deep-seated passion for construction and witnessing the growth of structures. As a young boy, he even enjoyed constructing paper houses, and this childhood inspiration stayed with him.

Muhydeen pursued his Quantity Surveying education at the Federal Polytechnic, Offa, in Kwara State. He underwent a one-year Industrial Training in Abuja before completing his tertiary education at the Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. Over time, he developed a strong entrepreneurial drive, aspiring to establish his own company and make a positive impact on society.

Subsequently, he ventured into real estate development, with a primary goal of providing shelter for people in need. To achieve this goal, he formed a powerful partnership with a friend in 2017, and together, they founded Luxiar Construction Limited.

They started on a small scale, initially building houses comprising 5-7 units. Later, they were introduced to the Federal Mortgage Bank, which enabled them to expand their operations and construct affordable housing units on a larger scale.

To date, Luxiar Construction Limited has successfully built more than 2000 housing units for civil servants, and their dedication remains steadfast. Their ambitious aim is to provide shelter for 5000 individuals by the year 2025.

Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode Foundation (MOK FOUNDATION)

The MOK Foundation, derived from the name Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode, was established with a heartfelt and compassionate mission. Its founder firmly believes in the collective power of action to bring about positive change. This underscores the foundation’s capacity to make a lasting impact and enhance the lives of those facing daunting challenges.

Driven by a deep commitment, Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode has devoted his time and resources to address critical issues such as poverty, hopelessness, unemployment, illiteracy, health disparities, security concerns, and hunger.

This showcases his unwavering dedication to making a significant difference in the lives of people.

The MOK Foundation functions as a humanitarian organization guided by core values such as compassion, solidarity, empowerment, fairness, and long-term development.

With an unswerving focus on improving human welfare, the foundation is dedicated to advancing the overall well-being of humanity.

This underlying philosophy underscores the foundation’s determination to create enduring positive outcomes by addressing vital issues and promoting positive transformations within communities.

Mr. Kayode’s primary focus is on his local community of Offa, where he believes in giving back to society and upholds the principle of Zakat (almsgiving) to aid the needy. In 2023 alone, the foundation has installed solar panels at Owode market and partnered with three Primary Health Centres (Olomowewe, Lamodi, and Abogunugun) in Offa, Kwara State.

Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode’s steadfast commitment to enriching and empowering lives, coupled with a desire to eradicate significant deprivations, served as the driving force behind the foundation’s establishment.

The foundation’s mission is to provide scholarships to promising students facing financial hardships, empowering underprivileged children to realize their potential.

They offer educational and life skills training to youth and women, champion gender equality, and engage in humanitarian services in Kwara State. Their primary focus extends to establishing educational institutions, including primary, secondary, and tertiary schools for charitable purposes.

In the realm of security, the foundation engaged with local vigilantes to understand their needs for effective job execution, primarily related to mobility.

Consequently, they procured about 10 motorcycles to facilitate patrols, provided torchlights, raincoats, boots, and stipends as a token of appreciation for their service to the nation.

The foundation eagerly anticipates future collaborations with governments and community leaders, recognizing the integral role such partnerships play in maximizing the impact of their efforts. By pooling resources, sharing specialized knowledge, and coordinating actions, the foundation can develop a more cohesive and potent approach to addressing the identified challenges.

This collaborative approach significantly enhances the potential for generating enduring positive transformations within the community.

Since its inception, the Muhydeen Okunlola Foundation has embarked on numerous substantial projects that are too extensive to detail here.

In summary, the foundation continues to achieve remarkable results, and its contributions to society are widely acknowledged and appreciated by all.

Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode Social Media Accounts

Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode is rated very well on social media because of his philanthropic nature. He has a good number of followers and he engages with them every time.

Social Media Accounts are listed below:

Facebook – Muhydeen Kayode Okunlola
Instagram – Muhydeenokunlola

Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode Net Worth

Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode is an entrepreneur and he has done very well for himself. He is also a successful Quantity Surveyor who has supervised a lot of building projects.


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