Biannca Prince Age, The Prince Family, Biography & Net Worth

Biannca Prince Age, The Prince Family, Biography & Net Worth

Biannca Prince whose real name is Biannca Raines is a popular American YouTuber, Social media influencer, musician and also a content creator. She was born in the state of Indiana, United States.


Biannca Prince Age Biography

Biannca Prince was born on 6th of March, 1997. Making her 24 years old of age. She is American by nationality and she practices Christianity as a religion.

Biannca Prince age was brought up at Fort Wayne in the state of Indiana, United States. She was raised by her parents, the father’s name is Charles Raines while the mother’s name is Jennifer Raines.

She also have siblings who are five in number, their names are Christian Raines, Chanelle Raines, Alexis Raines, Ryan Raines and Jaqueshia Raines.

Right from her childhood days, she has passion for music and has always have in mind she would pursue the career. And also it was learnt she once worked in a restaurant in order to pay some bills.

About Biannca Prince Education, she attended Nelson Snider High School in Fort Wayne, it was after that she followed her dream of becoming a successful YouTube and social media influencer.

What is Biannca Prince Real Name?

Biannca Prince’s father’s name is Charles Raines who is a businessman by profession and her mother’s name is Jennifer Raines who is a housewife.

How Old Was Biannca Prince When She Had Kyrie?

Damien admitted in a reaction video in 2016 that as a teenager, he was a hustling thug who went to jail more than 10 times. Biannca got pregnant with her first born son DJ Prince when she was 17 years old.

What Does the Prince Family Do for a Living?

YouTube has become a full-fledged profession for both Damien and Biannca, and their content is generating enough income that they’re finally able to consider doing the one thing they’ve always wanted to: travel the world–and vlog their adventures, of course


Biannca Prince Age Personal Life and Marriage

Biannca Prince is happily married to her husband named Damian Prince who is also a successful YouTuber with a huge fan base, she and her husband met some years back when they were in a restaurant where they were both working and since then.

Biannca Prince and her husband Damian Prince really likes each other a lot and you can hardly separate them. They both share the same dreams and aspirations. They always have each other’s back and they are never afraid or felt somehow when they profess love for each other at any time.

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They started dating each other before they now got married on 18th of March, 2017. Since then their marriage has been blessed with four beautiful children.

They have two girls and two boys. The girls’ names are Ayla Prince and Nova Grace Prince while the boys’ names are Kyrie Prince and DJ Prince.

Biannca Prince Age Career

Biannca Prince and her husband Damien Prince both started together a YouTube channel which is called D&B Nation.

They kept their fans entertained by uploading funny videos and pranks, and by doing all those they gained huge popularity and their subscribers increased.

Some of their popular videos are Playz with my bae, Run my scroll and so many interesting videos to keep their fans happy.

Apart from the main YouTube channel that Bianca Prince and her husband run, they still have other channels like GamingwithD&B, Damien and Bianca, DJ’s Clubhouse and finally The prince family.

All of these channels also have huge subscribers that fetch them good money.


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Apart from her YouTube channels, she happens to be a brand ambassador to big brands like Ultra, FashionaNova and lastly she has her own beauty product which is called Bianca Prince Lashes.

Biannca Prince Age Net Worth

From our calculation she is worth up to $15M. Because of the YouTube channels she has, her own personal fashion brand and also the big brands she represents. 



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